Preservation and development of distinctive and rare art is one of top priorities of the modern cultural society, whose aim is to preserve and increase cultural values of the humanity, strengthen national identity through expansion of international spiritual and cultural cooperation, creation of a platform for shaping sustainable environment, actualization and translation of epic heritage in the modern world.

Narration is the most ancient genre of oral folk arts in many countries. This unique type of art has brought to our days the traditions of mythology, modes of transmission from one generation to another of national spiritual and moral values of peoples of the world. Rare texts of stories contain genetic, socio-ethical, spiritual traditions of development of nations.

Each nation considerately preserves its roots, traditions and history. Getting these things across the next generation is a duty of every civilized state.

Thereon the World Epics Festival was founded by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in 2006 as one of the innovative ways of preservation of the world epic heritage. The idea was supported by UNESCO and TURKSOY as the latter recognized the Kyrgyz Republic as the center of the world epic heritage in 2005.

саякбай каралаев

Through holding the World Epics Festival we:

– reveal cultural diversity of different countries and various practices of their preservation, which gives reason to understanding of different cultures and building cultural bridges;

– give a common ground for many peoples, which will bring the young generation to tolerance and unity;

– promote awakening of people and development of respect and love towards their past;

– open access and participation of all social groups in cultural life of the country; – strengthen distinctiveness and originality of each nation.