The content of this component includes the following activities:
a) Epic narration (all forms):

  • oral narration;
  • cultic and folk forms of Eurasian continent;
  • ceremonies and rituals in shamanic art;
  • ancient voice technique, throat singing, the art of kaichy;
  • dance rituals, philosophy of Sufi dervishes;
  • theatrical performance based on epics;
  • performance of ballads and runes.

b) Parade of traditional values of national culture:

  • ethno-village “Nomad Universe”;
  • traditional sports games;
  • ethno Bazaar (national crafts)

c) Art contests:

  • “Kyrgyz yurt” contest among yurt masters;
  • “The best epical poem narrator” contest among narrators;
  • “Nomad Style” fashion show-contest.