Through holding a Scientific and Research Symposium we define the condition of preserving, protecting and popularizing epic heritage of other peoples. In the framework of this symposium we identify new knowledge of innovational forms of preserving epic heritage as well as the danger of extinction of certain types of folk culture (traditional ceremonies, games, the art of narration).

Holding a Scientific and Research Symposium fosters development of further policies on preservation and development of epic heritage.

Scientific research of epic heritage of specific nations of the world acts as a powerful tool of further preservation and popularization of this genre. Researches of epic heritage also encourage development of policy statements related to protection of intangible heritage by relevant authorities, interested states and international foundations. All the research papers presented during the Scientific and Research Symposium will be published in a special collection of research papers to help scientific circles and the new generations to understand the significance and the need of that testament, passed and carried across centuries, carefully protecting the deepness, wisdom and drama of epic narrations.